My name is Renata, I am a graphic designer committed to creating of a world where mental, emotional, and physical freedom is accessible to all people in  harmony with nature, truth, and beauty.

I, however, can’t and don’t want to do this on my own, which is why I started & Design.

& Design is meant to be a worker’s cooperative that creates branding, illustration, print and web design abiding to the following principles:

We realize that no member of society is truly free until all of us are. Therefore, we commit to study the history of racial conquest and the dynamics of privilege, taking responsibility for our benefits in society and use our power to help build communities and spaces where all members truly valued. 

We do this by practicing open, welcoming, non-violent communication, bringing attention and resolution to micro-aggressions, and adjusting our voting ratios on business decisions as needed to leverage the power of traditionally silenced voices. 

The commons are the things in life that groups share, whether they are inherited or created by human hands and minds. They range from land, air, and water, to internet, public parks, and the cumulative body of scientific and cultural knowledge.

We believe that fostering a commons-driven economy is key to our species’ survival and prosperity. Through our art, we wish to enrich the cultural commons while embellishing and amplifying the efforts of groups doing the same.

& Design implements the democratic governance structure of a cooperative and follows the 7 Cooperative Principles agreed upon and endorsed by cooperatives all over the world. Additionally, it follows the criteria of Open Cooperative proposed by the P2P Foundation: It is oriented towards the common good, it strives to include all stakeholders in its governance, it supports the production of material & non-material commons, and it is organized on a global basis.

We recognize that the current, interest-bearing monetary system creates artificial competition, contributes to social inequality, and damages community relations (See The Story of the 11th Round by Bernard Lietaer).

To create sustainable economic dynamics, we need to implement different money mindsets and tools for currency. With the intention of embodying and spreading a new economic culture, we welcome the use of local currencies, mutual credit, barter, and gift arrangements in exchange for our services as much as we can afford.

Although a digital company with non-material assets, we recognize environmental & human well-being as one and the same. We actively minimize our impact in all aspects of our operations while boosting our power for environmental regeneration.

With an international team, we operate and share our work through the globe, yet seek to partner with small, local, ecologically-minded cooperatives for our printing and tangible production as much as possible.

Does this resonate with you?

Are you a creative ready to help build the next system/Game B/the most beautiful world our hearts know is possible?


\ ən(d) – conjunction

& is the bind between all things, the bridge between concepts, a departure from zero-sum games, the union of all possibilities…

technology & nature

idealism & realism

local & global

here & now

yours & mine

& Design is a project strongly influenced by the works of: Rob Hopkins, Elinor Olstrom, Ursula LeGuin, Peter Kropotkin, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Charles Einsenstein, Bernard Leitaer, as well as the initiatives of the Transition Towns Movement, the Metacurrency Project, and the P2P Foundation.