Digital Works

Digital Works

Murmurations Protocol

Mapping the solidarity economy has been a recurrent effort that has often been blocked by outdated directories and scattered information. The Murmurations Protocol (MP) solves this problem by automatically updating directories and map directly from each organization’ website information.

We created an infographic to help explain the MP’s purpose and workings, as well as designing the interface that guides users through the creation and hosting of their profiles.

Infographic Introduction

User Interface

Mutual Credit Services

Branding & Website Design

Mutual Credit Services is a UK-based group of experts who provide software, training, and support to help groups implement Mutual Credit effectively.

Website Design

La Base is a branch of the micro-finance organization internationally known as The Working World. It specializes in non-extractive finances for cooperatives. The construction of their website was a joyful pro-bono project at the end of 2015. 

Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative

Social Media Materials

In the summer of 2017, the Kodiak Harvest Food Co-op had just begun its membership drive and social media was essential to its connection to the community. Renata happily provided graphics for their posts and some photography support to help their new swag shine.  

Activismo Gráfico

This web-infographic was a student project for the M.A. program in Graphic Design at BAU Centre Universitari de Disseny, Barcelona in 2017. It studied the role of graphic design on major social movements around the world and compiled its key pieces.